Myself David Rajah Selvaraj, S/O Rev. David Karuthiah Selvaraj, helping the Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English Christian Lyrics online across the globe.
We invited our new song contributors to our https://lyrics.abbayesu.com website where you can get/share your songs online.


Special Thanks all to our contributors.

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  1. Good work. Its happy to see Christian songs lyrics in online. God bless u brothers. I also want to be a part in online ministry.

    1. Dear Henry,
      We welcome you to our online ministries as a volunteer. Thank you for being a part of this online ministries. May God bless you.

  2. Hello brother,

    Great job brother . its Good that I found this website. Your website really helps me in selecting songs for our fellowship gathering held in our company every week.

    Great job bro.. GOD BLESS YOU..

    thank you.

  3. Dear brother,

    I was excited to see this site. How do I listen to the songs listed here. I love the words of some songs that I can teach in my Sunday School but I do not know the tune. Please help.

  4. Excellent brother . Great job, I am overwhelmed by seeing Tamil Christian keerthanaigal here . May God bless you . Thank you

  5. dear brother ,
    I thank God for your wonderful work for us and the glory of God.
    May God strengthen you according his mighty power.

    can I hear the sunday school Tamil and english songs by audio?
    or let me know where I going to buy the audio or video cd’s?
    if it is plz write me.


    1. Dear Pr. Suresh Kumar,
      Welcome to our Online Lyrics Ministries. We will provide you the songs audio by the provided email to you.

      In Christ,

  6. Praise the Lord brother,

    This website is very useful to me. Thank you brother. I have taken lot of lyrics. It is very helpful to my spiritual life. Once again I thank you brother. God bless you.

  7. Brother,Plz i need to listen all this song.so that i may share the songs to children in my church.plz let me know the tune of all chorus songs..plzzzz

  8. Bro. Praise the Lord,

    Pl Categorize, as Christmas Songs, Good Friday Songs, Easter Songs, Convention Songs,
    Birthday Songs etc., which will be more easier to search accordingly.

    Particularly during this season, we are downloading these lyrics for your website for our Good Friday Service.

    1. Praise The Lord bro,
      I have already categorized the song and there are some tags in our website, I hope it is invisible inside the songs, hopefully I will have those link visible at the home page.

  9. Really a good job. Hats off to you bro. May I request you to upload karokie for the songs so that we can use during our daily services.

  10. There is a typo error on the song “இரத்தம் ஜெயம்” on the line “சமாதானம் நீக்கிடும் இரத்தம் ஜெயம்” it should be சமாதானம் தந்திடும் இரத்தம் ஜெயம். Kindly fix this typo.

  11. Dear brother David. Praise the Lord. I’m really happy to see the songs through this website.
    I need your help to send the album of Yesuvukke Magimai with audio all songs. I will really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you.

  12. Dear brother, I need this song,Thuthithu paadi sivam thaveethai pola naamum in mp3 format or in video format. Please help me

  13. Dear brother, I need this song,Thuthithu paadi vom thaveethai pola naamum in mp3 format or in video format. Please help me

  14. We have realease new anointing kannda Christian song on 01 /01/2021 . Will you help us realease in your portal please let me know

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