His yoke is easy

His yoke is easy

Since I met Jesus
There’s a burning, O such a burning deep within
It hold me with an unseen power
And turns me away from all sin
It changes me from day to day
As I trod(walk) along this narrow way
Since I met Jesus, Since He blessed this old soul of mine
It makes me want to run on shout Hallelujah
To the end

His yoke is easy (His yoke is easy, His yoke is easy)
HIs burden are light (burdens are light, burdens are light)
If I walk (walk where He leads me)
Where He leads me (walk where He leads me)
I’ll always (always be right)
Be right (always be right)
So I’ll cherish (cherish the race)
This old race (cherish the race)
That I’m running (running with haste)
With haste (running with haste)
And by His grace (and by His grace)
I’ll make it (and by His grace)
Home some day (I’m going to make it home some day)

Since I met Jesus
I keep toiling yes in the sunshine and the rain
But the service that I am giving
Will not be giv’n in vain
He fixed it so a long time ago
That to heaven I would surely go
Since I met Jesus
Since He blessed this old soul of mine
It make me want to run on shout hallelujah
Oh to the end
Refer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1PyoXsV7zg

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