Athigalai Velayil Devanai – அதிகாலை வேலையில் தேவனை

Athigalai velayil devanai naadi selgayil(2)
paavangal paranthodum thunbangal maaru(2)
entha neramum entha kalamum avar
padhame paniven(4)
nanbar othukum velayil neerae
nanban endru ummai naaduven(2)
kavalaigal paranthodum vazlvil santhosam(2)
entha neramum……..(4)
noigal thunbangal varugayil neerae
meetpu endru ummai naaduven(2)
kastangal paranthodum magizlchi
entha neramum…….(4)

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