Ummai Appanu Kupidathan Aasai

Ummai Appanu Kupidathan Aasai, Appanu Kuppidava
Ummai Ammanu Kupidathan Aasai, Ammanu Kuppidava ]-2
1. Karuvil Ennai Sumandhadhe Partha Ammanu Sollanum
Um Thollil Enna Sumapatha Partha Appanu Sollanum ]-2
Enna Kenchivathum Konchivathum Partha, Ammanu Sollanum
Enna Aatruvathum Thetruvathum Partha, Appanu Sollanum ]-2
– Ummai
2. En Kannira Thudaipatha Partha Ammanu Sollanum
En Vinnapatha Ketpatha Partha Appanu Sollanum ]-2
Enna Enthuvadhum Thanguvadhu Partha Ammanu Sollanum
Um Erakkatha Urukatha Partha Appanu Sollanum ]-2

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